Buy Google AdSense Account: How Legitimate?

Should you need me to answer this question in only word, I will say "NO". Purchasing Google AdSense accounts is 100% unethical and against the Google terms and coverages. Definitely I will not ask you to believe what I say, the truth is I am here to tell you about the truth and make you aware of the fraud AdSense account sellers.

Why purchasing AdSense accounts isn't valid?

I believe that you will only go to purchase those accounts if your AdSense program is rejected multiple times by Google approval team. It certainly proves that you are either not eligible to participate in AdSense program, or your site is not fulfilling the Google publisher guidelines. In these cases, if you run advertisements from bought balances, do you think it is legitimate?

If you click on the ads saying "Buy Google AdSense accounts for 9$ just" or something comparable and visit the vendor site, you may find the answer to your question. Most of the AdSense account sellers have comparable characteristics like...

Ugly looking content with huge fonts requesting payment and contact details.
They only provide you mobile phone number and ask for the payment. They don't have genuine contact address or real internet business portfolio or website.
Buy Adsense Account guarantee to the account in two to three 24 hrs, while Google itself takes a lot of days to accept your initial Google AdSense application.
Most of theme sells balances made with unethical methods such as several online applications like blogspot can help you to open AdSense account. They'll alter the payee name and will provide credentials to you. How ever there is no guarantee on lifestyle of these accounts.
They are promoting accounts at quite low (suspicious) cost. If you hire someone for approving your AdSense account via ethical manner following all of the publisher guidelines and Google policy may cost you a whole lot more than this.

If you are still finding AdSense account for sale, I would love to ask you one simple question which "Why you actually wish to buy AdSense account?" As getting approved your AdSense program is not too hard if you follow the guidelines closely and work. Better to re Search for AdSense by solving any problems for which it was previously rejected.

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