What is Electronic Waste?

Modern technology offers society with many conveniences, from Wi-Fi enabled cell phones and ever-smaller notebook computers that make our entire lives portable to energy-efficient washers and dryers which use half the time and power to complete their jobs. However, these new toys and gadgets leave behind them a wake of obsolete, undesirable contraptions.

It's all digital waste and it includes everything from empty printer ink cartridges to split refrigerators. As people buy new items to replace aging electronic equipment or make upgrades, more electronic waste is generated. Sometimes, such as 2009's change from analog to digital television broadcasting in the USA, changes in technology are so great that old equipment may not even function at all with brand new systems.

There are a lot of reasons why it is very important to recycle electronic waste. Much of the material used to assemble electronics, including plastic and metal components, may be recycled to new things in a fraction of the cost and energy usage needed to produce items from raw materials. Additionally, many electronics contain hazardous substances that are harmful to the environment and might be catastrophic if leached to an area's groundwater. For instance, television tubes contain mercury, which is proven to be quite poisonous. When correctly recycled, electronic waste is stripped of toxins and other harmful materials, which can be then correctly and safely disposed. Because of these environmental issues, many regions require by law that electronic waste be properly recycled.

The availability of electronic waste recycling programs changes from place to place. Some municipalities may offer such services to residents. In some areas, yearly collections are held a couple of times annually for a way of disposing of electronic waste in addition to used engine oil or other waste that's damaging to the environment. When buying new appliances that are being delivered, retailers like Sears often offer free elimination of the appliance that is being replaced. Since a few appliances, such as refrigerators, cannot be disposed of without costly removal of hazardous substances, this saves you not only time but cash too! Elektro recycling , like Best Buy, additionally offer electronic waste recycling programs to their clients.

There are also some good options to recycling your digital waste. Freecycling, or passing in your own unwanted items to those needing them, is also a method of locating new homes for items that are used. Websites such as Craigslist and Freecycle.org are great areas to list any usable items you would like to give away.

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